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Set preferences based on your needs and interests (like Funding/expertise/services/products/career) and let eBizLink's powerful search algorithm suggest you instantly, the list of probable sources for you to choose from! Spend that saved time for your business/professional goals or with your family/friends.
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Build Network that pays!

Do you know that over 80% connections in your business & professional networks go waste? In eBizLink, you can grow networking with people who are complementing each other's needs. Also, grow your network in your interested regions / countries as and when you want.
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Earn rating that matters!

You cannot buy or manipulate ratings in eBizLink. You have to earn it!
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Free from Spam

Protect yourself from unwanted emails/spams while networking. Because of eBizLink network model, unwanted emails/spams cannot disturb you as eBizLink members cannot send invitations without matching your preferences. Also, eBizLink doesn't allow search engines to access your profile details. So, your details are secure.
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If you are an Entrepreneur looking for : Business Funding (through Angel Investment / Venture Capital / Business Loan / Finance), Management Experts, Domain Experts, Business Services, Buy/Sell Business, Business Networking, Business Opportunities, Business news.


If you are a Funder (who directly invest/lend in Business Proposals), or a Funding-Agent (who sources one or more direct funders)


If you are a Functional/Domain/Management Expert and interested to link-with Entrepreneurs or if you are a Project Evaluation expert can help evaluating the project for funding and interested to link with Investors/Lenders


If you are a Business Service Provider looking for targeted business service seekers

You came to right place. We help you to "link with the businesses/experts/investors/lenders who want you to succeed, where your success leads to their success too."

Entrepreneurs not only need funds (either as an angel investments or business loans or both), but also need right expertise in their leadership/management team and some business services, to focus on bringing their business goals/dreams to life.

eBizLink first of its kind, is a global business platform especially designed to encourage and empower business networking across the globe by helping:
Entrepreneurs (who are looking for funding through angel investors / venture capitalists / business loans, industry expertise, business services to grow/expand their business and/or buy / sell business, franchising business, and/or joint ventures. Not like other platforms, eBizLink do a thorough check and keep verifying the information provided by Funders/Experts/Business Service Providers to ensure the validty and trustfulness. Entrepreneurs also get other benefits from eBiz Link such as new business ideas, business news, business consultancy/strategy services if needed).
Funders (Angel Investors / Venture Capitalists / Business Lenders) get the projects which are verified by eBizLink team with each entrepreneur before their project is published.
Industry Experts/Leaders to link with entrepreneurs for mutual benefits.
Business Services Providers (Entrepreneur's) to get the targeted customers of their industry match quickly and easily.

eBizLink provides platform for Pre-startup Ideas (Idea Initiators) to discuss and brainstorm their innovative ideas. Also all the above get in touch base with latest business news in their respective/interested industry.
What else?


Access a powerful dashboard with latest status of key activities relevant to you. It also consists of 3D charts related to your connections.

eBizLink Preferred Currency Preferred Currency

Set your preferred currency for all business activities.

Share videos in eBizLink Show case videos

Upload videos related to your Requirements / Needs / Offering / Expertise / Profile.

eBizLink is an all in one platform All-in-one platform

Are you serious about saving time and money? Imagine if you can do networking, information exchange, fulfilling business / professional needs, tools - all in a single platform!

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